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If Icons & Shortcuts not working in the start menu of your windows PC/window computer then follow the instructions below or watch the video to fix this issue.

  1. First of all, get logged in to your Windows PC as Administrator. Go to the Control Panel > User Accounts and note down the exact name of the “User Account” for which you want to have this fix.

2. Next step is to Right Click on the Program from the start menu(whose icon or shortcut not working) and select/click Properties.

3. On Properties Panel, Click on Security Tab. In Security click on “Add” Button.


If you find option To continue, you must be an administrative user with permission…… then click Continue button and then continue by clicking Add button.


4. Below Enter the object names to select, Type the Username of your Windows PC/Windows computer and click Ok.

5. Now come back to the Security pop up window which we opened earlier in step 3.

6. Highlight the newly added User name by clicking on from Group or user names list and then under Permissions for SYSTEM, make sure to check option Full control > Allow.
Click Apply and then OK.

This will save User name with Full control permissions of the program on which you right clicked and selected Properties.

Now, check the program in the start menu it should have worked now. Repeat this process for every program in the start menu whose icon and shortcut not working in the start menu.